Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black on black



I've been meaning to start a blog for a while now. Due to the lack of encouragement and inspiration, I've never actually gotten around to it. Well, they say it's never too late to do anything, so here I am. 

For the first outfit post, I've chosen my trusty all black, maxi plus leather jacket combo. For an extra warmth, I've added a black band hoodie (for those of you who's interested, it's from the band called I am Ghost!) And at the last minute, I decided to throw on a hat as well for good measure. Personally, I don't think any outfit is complete without some sort of a hat. It can easily transform your otherwise simple or boring outfit to something more dressy and thoughtful! (Although, I did remove the hat later on since we were having a day of Chicago weather here. So I'm sort of biting my own lips there, oops!) I love this little maxi number from Zara which I picked up during the summer. It's one of those one size fits all type of thing. Since I am leaning towards extra small in European sizing(yes, I have typical petit Asian women figure), the dress does appear quite baggy on me. But I decided that's just how I like it anyways. This Tommy Hilfiger leather jacket is certainly one of my all time favorites. I've literally had it for ages now, and have absolutely wore the life out of it. These studded shoes are rather new purchase. Black ankle boots have been in for quite some time now, and there is no doubt about it, it'll be one of my stables this F/W season. Heeled but extremely comfy, why the hell no?!
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