Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't judge me

Photographed by Lu Zhao
Featured items: Chunky knitted sweater: Tommy Hilfiger, silk skirt: Karl Lagerfeld, shoes: Zara, scarf: Maison Scotch,bag:unknown.

Ok, so it wasn't a particularly chilly day. That was my pathetic defence for wearing this ridicularless weather inapropriate outfit. You see, I've only recently received these Zara wedges and there was no way I was going to wait till next year to showcase them. I love how simple and sleek they look and that ankle stripe just nailed it! I've been killing myself for not picking up the infamous ankle striped sandals from Mango when I had a chance!(You know, the ones that almost every fashion blogger owns.) And ever since then, I've been collecting almost anything that came with an ankle stripe! And nothing seems to fill that void! *sign* The hunt continues..
Anyhoo, move on to the rest of the outfit now. I added another 2 of my current favorites here, the cream colored slouchy sweater which shows just enough skin on the shoulder to make it faminine and the black silk skirt which is softer and smoother than butter. Maybe I'll just add a pair of tights and a leather jacket to wear it for work tomorrow?

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