Friday, November 2, 2012

Love me some sunshine

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: faux fur jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, musle tank and faux leather pants: Zara, heels: Ebay.

Apparently this is what I wear for a walk in the field nowadays, no really. But they are what I mostly end up with when I can't be bothered to give it a second thought but still respect myself enough not to leave the house in sweat pants and Uggs! Printed tees and faux leather pants are stables in lots of bloggers fall wardrobe and no doubt about it, there is a good reason why. Effortlessly cool and reasonably comfort with zero fuzz to style, you just can't beat that! I'd usually add a pair of flat ankle boots or sneakers for out and about, and some heels for work. Though a fur jacket might seem a bit too much for some of you for this time of the year, it's definitely a necessity for living in Holland. Man, isn't it cold here! I've had this gray one from Tommy Hilfiger for quite sometime now. It does a great job for keeping me warm despite its 3 quarter sleeves. But I am currently on a look out for something better, maybe one of those leopard printed ones if I could somehow manage to find.

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