Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That summer dress

Photographed by Lu Zhao
Featured items: faux fur jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, dress: Zara, shoes: Docs, tights: H&M, bag:Maison Scotch,watch: DKNY.

Gosh, how did it become so cold so quickly. It seems like I might need something more substantial than this 3 quarter sleeves faux fur jacket soon enough. But for now, it will do! I picked up this black midi length dress from the Zara summer sale in July. It somehow managed to hide itself at the  bottom of my wardrope since then. Of course when I finally dug it out by accidant, it has became completely weather inapropriate. But when did that ever stop me from wearing something that I want! Pairing it with some black tights and wola!

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