Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holy Grail products

Bam! First beauty blog post, I thought I’d go straight to the top. So without further adieu, here is my can’t live without/holy grail beauty products:

1. Apha H liquid gold-This is got to be one of the most raved about hero product this year! From ruth of A model recommends, to Fleur of Fleurdeforce, to Kate of Gh0stparties, to Zoe of Zoella, (the list goes on and on) all the ladies in the beauty blogosphere have fell head over heels in love with this product. If you have not yet heard anything about it, I’d highly suggest you to do a little research on it. But basically it’s an AHA Glycolic Acid based overnight treatment that you swipe over your face and neck instead of any form of moisterizer before bed time. So while you’re snoozing, the product is working it’s charms and eats away all dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion the day after. And yes, you’ll definetely see an improvement the morning after, at the very first use! This has replaced my usual night regime every other day, and I simply can’t imagine going back to the old routine and living without it now.

2. Estee Lauder advanced night repair- Oh yes, another well known and loved product here. I’ve seen my mom using this years after years. And let me tell you, she has got the most amazing skin. And I truely believe it’s due to the persistent sun protection and this little wonder here. I use this every night after toning  and before moisturizing. It has helped my skin looking more healthy and radiant.

3. Origins Vita Zing SPF15 moisturizer-I’m a big fan on Origins products, and this gotta be one of my favourites. It’s a light day moisturizer with a  tint to it that adds a post vacation, sun kissed glow to your face. It’s nothing like a fundation or your average tinted moisturizer due to its ultra sheer converage. But if you’re just running arrands and can’t be bothered to put on a full face makeup, or if you’re blessed with flawless skin, then this is a wonderful option.

4. Clinique even better fundation-This is a mediam to full converage fundation that promises to even out your skin tone with consistant use. Now I’m not sure if it has helped me to achieve that, but I just love the healthy and flawless look it creates. And the staying power is rather applausable in my case.

5. Chanel vita lumiere aqua cream compact fundation-This is a sheer to mediam coverage fundation. I love how light and hydrating it feels on my skin. And the fact that is in a compact form just made it so much greater! It’s brilliant for doing your makeup on the go and touch ups throughout the day.

6. L’oreal telescopic waterproof mascara-Nothing much to say about it, it’s simply the only mascara that could keep the curl on my extreme short and straight Asian lashes. And it’s great for lengthening and seperating lashes too. I’d usually add another coat of whatever volumising mascara that I’ve got at the moment over it just to thicken up the lashes a bit more.

Well, now you have it, a thorough run through of all my favourites. Obviously what suits me may not suit you due to different skin types and skin tones and the obvious different personal tastes. But just for your information,I have a miner sensitive but mostly normal skin type with a slightly oily T zone in the summer time, and the lightest shade of medium skin ton all year around.

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