Friday, January 4, 2013

current skincare routine!

I've been meaning to write a post about my current skincare routine for ages. However there always seems to be something more important or interesting to attend to at the time. But it's a new year and a new start (how cliche!), I finally decided today is the day that I show you my winter saviors. So without further adieu, Ladies (and gentlemen if you've wandered here by accident) meet my current "best friends".

Evening skincare routine:

Firstly, I'd start off by taking off my eye make up with coconut oil or whatever bi-phase waterproof makeup remover I have available. I found this step is crucial for removing all traces of makeup effectively. Secondly I'd cleanse my whole face thoroughly with massaging a bit of Pai Camellia&Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser on a dry face, than wiping it all off with a hot wet face clothe. Then, I would move on to toning the face. Currently, I'm using a simple rose water which primarily only contains spring water and rose essential oil. I've got this one (above in the pink spray bottle) from a Chinese beauty store (something like Sephora) back home, but there are plenty of similar products available, such as the Eau roma water from Lush. Then I would use my night treament/serum- Estee Lauder advanced night repair which contains amazing anti oxidant properties that my face needs to repair itself with in the night time. Additionally, I'd dot a little bit of Origins super spot remover on necessary areas when I detect certain naughty spots are coming out. After that, time for eye cream. I've been using Origins Firming Eye Cream with Rhodiola since last summer and it's been an absolute dream to apply it everyday. Finally, I'd finish it off with a moisturizer. My current love is Avene skin recovery cream. it's a light weight yet very hydrating cream. I adore the fact that it calms my face without any irritations or greasiness.

Morning skincare routine:

I'd start by cleansing my face again with the Pai gentle hydrating cleanser with a hot wet flannel. And boy, don't I just love how it feels in the cold winter mornings! Then I'd move on to toning with the same rose water. Once it's dried, I would use Origins "Make A Different" plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment. It helps to keep my face plumped and hydrated. It follows by the same eye cream and moisturizer. From time to time, I would replace the Avene recovery cream with Origins Vitazing SPF15 when I don't feel like using any foundation. Because of the tint and glow Vitazing brings to the face, I could get away with not much of additional face makeup, so ho-ray to that on the lazy days!

I'm very happy with my current skincare routine. There are no major complains or problems, just the occasional spots  appears now and then depending on my diet and fact that I'm stressed or not. But the products that I mentioned above seem to keep my face hydrated and clear throughout these cold winter days.

I will write up some individual posts on above mentioned products in the near future since I highly believe they are great enough for some spotlights on their own.

Till next time.

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