Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Photo edited by Roxy Sun
Featured items: biker coat-Zara/ sweater and boots- Tommy Hilfiger/ hat- H&M

I was quite aware the fact this biker coat is rather popular in the blogosphere when I purchased it, however I don't think I fully understand just HOW popular it is! Oh well, it's all for a good reason I guess. Zara has definitely brought its "A" game in the past few collections, which reminds me that gotta take another look in their sale section while it's still going on.

It's a known fact that I don't do color often, especially pink, especially this time of the year. But I do enjoy a pop of color every once a while, to give myself a lift if you know what I mean...And the toughness/darkness of the coat certainly tones down that extreme girlishness this hot pink number brings otherwise.

Till next time,


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