Friday, May 31, 2013

spring layering

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: leather jacket by Tommy Hilfiger/ swearter by Zara/ bodycon dress by H&M/ shoes by Topshop

I guess it's not all bad that the weather hasn't rise up yet, especially since layering is still an option to put a half decent outfit together in the morning. Gotta have to play more with the texture and prints in the warmer days. (a note to myself!)  Love the burgundy and black color combo here, although it seems more like a wintery sort of thing, but hey...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

little sun dress

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: dress and leather jacket by Tommy Hilfiger/ cutout boots by Topshop/ hat by H&M

Ideally I'd be wearing this outfit minus the tights. But it just so damn cold. (ok ok, no more complaints about the weather!) Really into wearing little summer dresses with leather jacket and "grungy"boots at the moment. So glad I've got these topshop cutout ones, so my beloved Doc. Martens could take some time off!  Can't wait to wear them to the festivals this summer, something tells me they're going to be a hit!

Monday, May 27, 2013

spring colors

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: coat by River Island/ sweater and scarf by Tommy Hilfiger/ skinnies by Berschka

All the fashion bloggers have been complaining about the nonexistance of spring here in the Netherlands, so I thought I'd spare you on that one today. Just don't judge the frequent layering on my blog these couple of weeks cause it really has been that cold! Since I'm not able to inspire you with some spring outfits just yet, thought some spring-ish bright colors could at least be added!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

to the movies

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: leather jacket and hoodie by Tommy Hilfiger/ skinnies by Berschka/ boots by Topshop/ bag by Zara/ top by Roxy/ necklace by Nikita

Went to the movies the other day for the newest Iron Man. (Oh boy, it was so damn good!) I'm one of those people always get freeze to death in the movie theater, so layering is a must almost all year around for me. Wearing some of my summer favorites in this outfit, the Roxy tank top with a ultra low back and these Topshop cutout boots which are new in my wardrobe. All easy to wear ultra casual and comfy pieces, perfect for a night to the movies.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

leather and plaid

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: tee shirt and leather jacket by Tommy Hilfiger/ Shirt borrowed from the bf/ boots by Topshop/ bag by Zara

Biking through the forest has become one of my favorite things to do on my days off. And typically I'd wear something like this, with the slightest alternations maybe. And another current obsession: Plaid shirt and leather jacket combo. I literally can't stop wearing it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the foundation roundup

Foundations featured above in clockwise: Clinique even better makeup SPF15, Bourjois healthy mix foundation, Rimmel wake me up foundation, La Prairie skin caviar concealer foundation, Revlon photoready, two faced magic wand illuminating foundation.

In all honesty, I'm not someone that like to experiment with makeup. I love them and can't leave the house without them, but I'm a total creature of habit, I stick to the same makeup routine and products for years as long as they work for me. But when it comes to skincare and foundations, that's a different story. I believe the first step to getting a beautiful healthy looking face is to make sure that you have a clear radiant skin to work with. I've written a separate post for my skincare routine a while ago. ( you can read the post here.) And today I'd like to share all my favorite foundations with you.

Clinique even better makeup SPF15:
  •  Medium coverage
  • (very) dewy finish
  • slightly scented
  • moderate lasting power
  • contains SPF 15  
  • oil free
This foundation gives the most healthy, glowy and natural finish ever. I love wearing this foundation when my face is looking dull and gray. It instantly brightens up and evens out my complexion. I do need to powder a little after applying this and several times throughout the day though since it does get quite oily. So for those of you who has extreme oily skin, I'm not sure if this will be a good choice for you I'm afraid!

Bourjois healthy mix fundation:
  • light to medium coverage
  • dewy finish
  • heavily scented
  • moderate lasting power
  • do not contain SPF
  • very hydrating
I absolutely love how this foundation feels on my skin. It's ultra light and hydrating and very easy to blend. Typically I'd just use my fingers to apply this foundation and it smooths over my skin so effortlessly and beautifully. The fact that it does not contain any SPF makes it a great option for photography (no flashback!) or a night out.

Rimmel wake me up foundation:
  • medium to full coverage
  • dewy finish
  • scented
  • good lasting power
  • contains SPF 15
This foundation leaves a luminous glowing finish which brightens up even the dullest skin on earth!   This is definitely my go to foundation when I suffer from a terrible " hangover" (come on, we all have those days don't we?!) or after those restless nights! This foundation covers nearly all the imperfections including those dark circles. Like the Clinique foundation, I do not recommend this to anyone who has extreme oily skin unless you don't mind blotting your face throughout the entire day!

La Praire skin caviar concealer fundation:
  • medium to full coverage
  • dewy finish
  • heavily (but beautifully) scented
  • good lasting power
  • contains SPF 15
  • very pigmented, a little goes a long way
  • NO pump (not very hygienic)
  • comes with a concealer in the same shade of the foundation
This foundation literally melts into the skin once applied! So luxurious and gorgeous! To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about the packaging though. The glass container looks expensive and beautiful but the fact that it does not come with a pump makes it very unhygienic and awkward to use. I absolutely love the concealer it comes with, beautiful creamy texture, conceals my under eye areas or any other imperfections flawlessly. However, the price is extortionate! (I think I payed around 160 euros for it!!!) No one can justify paying that much for a foundation really! (oh dear, what was I thinking?!)

Revlon photoready foundation:
  • medium coverage
  • luminous finish
  • not scented
  • oil free
  • contains SPF20
  • not greasy
Another foundation contains luminous particles and leaves glowy finish! I guess you can see a pattern now! This is a oldie but a goodie for me.  It's a bit more matte comparing my other foundations, and it feels rather light on the skin as well which I like. and I love the fact that it contains a higher SPF than usual. It's always good to know that your face is well protected in those sunny days.

Too faced magic wand illuminating foundation:
  • light to medium coverage
  • luminous finish
  • not scented
  • built in brush 
(Yes, another illuminating product here. Clearly I just hate to have a dull face! ) I actually only use this on my " good skin" days since the product does not offer much coverage but it lightens up the face beautifully. I like the idea that it has the built in brush, however in reality it really doesn't blend the product well. It leave the skin streaky and caky. I'd rather just use my normal foundation brush for the application.

Now you have it, the most used and loved foundations in my collection. However, I'd say my hunt for the perfect foundation is still not over yet! I'm always on a look out for something that sits better, looks more natural, last longer!

I've recently discovered a new beauty site - PS Beauty which recommends the best beauty bits and bobs according to the products that you've tried and rated, combining your personal skin information( like the type, tone etc...) to give you a very accurate recommendations! In all honesty, I was rather blown away by the concept and its ability to offer a very accurate recommendation that more likely to " hit the spot" ! They've got a massive collection of foundations and shades in their database. From high street to high end, you're guarantied to find all the skin base products you've tried up there!

I was recommended the YSL touche eclat foundation at the end which just seems like the right product to try out next! Check it out the foundation finder here and let me know what's recommended to you!

Monday, May 20, 2013

the boyfriend shirt

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: plaid shirt borrowed from the bf/ tee shirt by Tommy Hilfiger/ boots by Topshop

To be honest I've always been jealous of those taller girls who are lucky enough to be able to wear their boyfriend's clothes. The boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend tees, the boyfriend sweatshirts, (the boyfriend shoes? Ok, maybe not too many!) especially since the past couple years that the baggy bulky style has been particularly popular. Sadly, since I'm as tall as a 10 year old, and the bf is nearly 190 cm, I have not had the luck to borrow any garment from him till this morning when I accidently came across this plaid shirt of his. It's relatively smaller than all the other ones I've tried. ( Trust me, I've tried plenty!) And I guess it wasn't so bad?  I certainly had a Mary Kate Olsen moment for a second there!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

cutout is the way to go!

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: Leather jacket by Tommy Hilfiger/ lace top and skirt by H&M/ bag by Zara/ shoes by Topshop

Ok, so in an ideal world, I'd be wearing the cutout boots from Balenciaga, but in reality, these Topshop ones aren't half bad either! I've been eyeing up quite a few pairs of cutout boots from the high street ever since those gorgeous Balenciaga' s started to pop up everywhere on the internet. They're amazing summer boots (though I predict I'll be wearing them all year around!) due to the cut out detailing on both sides of the shoe. Finally a pair of sturdy chunky boots which are a lot more weather appropriate in the hotter festival season than my beloved Dr. Martens. Instead of the obvious choice of pairing them with black skinnies or denim shorts, I went for this flowy tie dye printed skirt from H&M for some contrast. Love myself a little " glam rock" look every once in a while, don't you?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

crispy white jeans

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: shirt and denim gilet by Tommy Hilfiger/ jeans by Zara/ bag by New Look/ hat by H&M/ watch by Micheal Kors

To be honest, I'm still not quite sold on white jeans/pants. These Zara pair are my first and only so far. Guess I'm just so use to the slimming effect that darker jeans have to offer. Not to mention the fact that they're much more dirt-tolerant, which is great for a lazy bum like me who literally sits and leans on anything and everything at anytime. Clearly things are a lot different when I'm in these crispy white jeans. Not sure if they're something I'd wear regularly, but I certainly love to have them as an option in the summer time. And don't they look great on denim too?

Monday, May 13, 2013

the multitasker

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: maxi dress by Zara, blazer and hat by H&M/ bag by Tommy Hilfiger/ shoes by Converse

This maxi dress is actually one of my all time favorite pieces! Love to wear it in the summer with a pair of sandals when heading to the beach (it's an awesome cover up!) or style it with some smarter garments such as this white blazer when going to work. What's your favorite pieces in the wardrobe?

Friday, May 10, 2013

bring it back from the 80's

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: dress and bag by Tommy Hilfiger/ bomber jacket by HM trend/ wedges by Zara

I'm seriously loving this bomber jacket trend that is going on at the moment. Love the fact that they can easily dress down any outfit. And this golden floral number certainly stands out from all the other more sporty and toughy ones. I've previously styled it in an 80's themed outfit which I absolutely loved (if you don't mind me saying.) But this is definitely more wearable and " me"!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

under the blue sky

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: leather jacket and jeans by Tommy Hilfiger/ sandals by Berschka/ bag by Zara

White tee, blue jeans, black sandals and leather jacket combo. Yup, not much thought went into that one. But do give it a go on those " can't be bothered" days, ' cause the result might not be half bad!
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