Monday, May 20, 2013

the boyfriend shirt

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: plaid shirt borrowed from the bf/ tee shirt by Tommy Hilfiger/ boots by Topshop

To be honest I've always been jealous of those taller girls who are lucky enough to be able to wear their boyfriend's clothes. The boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend tees, the boyfriend sweatshirts, (the boyfriend shoes? Ok, maybe not too many!) especially since the past couple years that the baggy bulky style has been particularly popular. Sadly, since I'm as tall as a 10 year old, and the bf is nearly 190 cm, I have not had the luck to borrow any garment from him till this morning when I accidently came across this plaid shirt of his. It's relatively smaller than all the other ones I've tried. ( Trust me, I've tried plenty!) And I guess it wasn't so bad?  I certainly had a Mary Kate Olsen moment for a second there!
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