Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The ones that got away!

Remember those items you took out of your shopping cart or returned promptly because somehow you were convinced you didn't need it or didn't know how to style it? And few months later when you finally came to a conclusion that it was the stupidest thing you've ever done in your life and swore to haunt them down but totally failed? I'm sure a lot of you have got such an experience.

But guess what, those fashion items like many things in life will show up when you least expected and present themselves right in front of your face! 

Just 10 minutes ago, I accidentally saw the Mango Outlet ad on my facebook page and decided to take a look and possibly score some bargains. And dear God there they were, the familiar black leather stripy sandals from last year's summer collection were right there staring back at me! You know the ones that took over the entire blogosphere by storm? 

Why did I ever let them go?? (As seen on the beautiful blogger song of style!)

So I explored the website a bit further with the unobtainable excitement and bam! Here she is! The oversized winter coat I was lusting over for ages!

(As seen on the fabulous blog COTTDS!)

You can still find these items (and many other sale pieces) on Mangooutlet.com for a great price! And yes, you're very welcome! Happy shopping!

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