Monday, January 6, 2014

faux fur and faux leather

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing time during the festive season! Since the it's the beginning of a new year and all, it's only appropriate to start the year with some resolutions, fashion related of course!

1. Invest in comfy and versatile things.
Who doesn't like a pair of gorgeous stilettos? But after investing hundreds of euros on those killer heels which I barely wear (or never wear in some cases) it's time to face the truth and start realizing what's really worth to invest money in. Maybe a good pair of slip ons with interesting print and texture?  Some cool kicks with bright colors? Or a pair of comfy ankle boots that are easy to walk in..

2. Pack on more colors. I love my monochrome pieces in my wardrobe. But this is the year I'll try to embrace colors willingly and openly. 

3. Accessories!  More hats, gloves and statement jeweleries to spice up some simple outfits.

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: faux fur coat and faux leather trousers by Zara, sneakers by Blink, bag by Tommy Hilfiger

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