Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Body Shop Cool Skin Treat Event

The body shop has been one of my all time favorite body/skincare brand ever since I moved to Europe years and years ago. Their remarkable body butters were the first things that won me over, then I discovered their tee tree range of skincare products, and the fact that they stay strong against animal testing, support community fair trade is really the reason I'm always going back for more!

When I heard about the Cool Skin Treat event to promote the new fruity body sorbets, I jumped the chance of taking a look around and picked a couple goodies for myself for this summer!

The store is packed with ice cream, fresh fruits, bubblies and of course their star products at the moment, the beautiful, colorful, fruity body sorbets! Each and every one of them smells divine. And the texture feels lovely on the skin, definitely need to pick up a few for the summer. 

The Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil definitely caught my eye when I was there. Although it was not the star of the night, but I just couldn't seem to leave without it! The product and concept is bit similar to the famous Nuxe dry oil. It feels moisturizing on the skin. It leaves a really faint tint and shimmer and the smell..oh so divine! Perfect for the summer holidays!

So of course I couldn't resist but to pick up a few bits and pieces. As I mentioned before, the honey bronze just had to come home with me! And since I'm running low on my Camomile Cleansing Oil, I stocked up on those again. (It's a must have in my skincare routine!) And I've also got a Vitamin C energizing face spritz, Camomile gentle eye makeup remover and a blueberry shower gel in my goodie bag.

Stay tuned for some individual product reviews in the near future on!
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