Sunday, August 10, 2014

Golden hour in Amsterdam

 NDSM in Amsterdam north has became one of the most popular spots for fashion bloggers to take their outfits photos these couple of years! Why? It's one of the hippest areas with lots of artists' workshops, cool and organic restaurants and amazing industrial looking hangout spots! I actually work right behind the Brooklyn hotel, but somehow never managed to take photos here before. Odd!

I've just recently started to warm up to the sport lux trend. About million years late on the bandwagon, I know. But ever since I started long distance biking on a daily basis, I'm all about comfortable, bikable clothing! I believe you've met my favorite footwear in my previous posts, these Nike Rocharuns are obsolute Godsend! They are light and airy, remarkably comfortable. And the color adds just a right amount of pop to my otherwise very monochrome outfit.

The bf took this photo on the ferry back, what a breathe taking view!

Photographed by Bart Rondeel
Featured items: blazer by H&M/ top by Zara/ shorts by Berskcha/ shoes by Nike
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