Thursday, August 7, 2014

My theater play, Fokker Fokker!

Don't believe I've ever mentioned here, (however if you follow me on facebook you'd have more chances of knowing what I've been up to! So click on facebook page, and follow me now!) but I was in a theater play called Fokker Fokker in June. Since it was quite a success, we are back for 3 more nights in Amsterdam Badhuis Theater from today! So if you're in town and up for some theater fun, then come and see us!

The play is a clean adaptation of Boeing Boeing By Marc Camoletti.

Set in contemporary Paris, bachelor Bernard has his hands full with not one, but three sexy international fiancées. 

Life is going well for Bernard, with his trusty housekeeper Bertha by his side. That is until his three fiancées, who all happen to be stewardesses, (I'm playing Gaby, the Chinese stewardess!) are switched to different airplanes and his childhood friend Robert comes to town. 

Is Bernard still able to keep his three fiancées from finding out? And can Robert keep his mouth shut? Come watch the corky comedy Fokker Fokker and find out!

Me and the other two stewardesses will be Leidsplein, Amsterdam promoting the play this afternoon at 16:00. Be sure to drop by and say hi if you're in town!
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