Saturday, August 22, 2015

few moments in LA

I haven't done a picture heavy travel diary for a long time on the blog! Not that I didn't get out of town for the past months, but the idea of carrying a humangous DSLR everywhere I go and asking for permission from friends and family to stop at any point to snap away, well, didn't seem that appealing to me somehow. 

Luckily I put a stop to this irresponsible blogger behaviour once we arrived Los Angeles. Let's face it the opportunity of being in this infamous hilly town is rare, to say the least. 

LA was exactly how I imagine it'd be. Fantastic sunny weather, iconic palm trees alongside high ways, countless sushi bars and Korean BBQs scatter across town, expensive shops, dollar shops, StarBucks, big-ass SUVs, smog and scary amount of homeless people. I had a mental checklist before I got there and every single thing on that list was ticked shortly after our arrival. 

I loved it, every bit of it. Its good and bad, the city kept it real and unfolded everything before my eyes. And as much as I love to, there simply weren't good enough photos to do its justice. 

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