Sunday, August 9, 2015

MTV Pride - Love Has Many Faces

I don't believe that I ever mentioned here what I actually do for a living when I'm not surfing endlessly on the internet and haunting tirelessly for those perfect pair of black skinnies! For 40 hours a week, I'm a music programmer at MTV making your weekend jammin' and shower karaoke session playlists! Not the worst way of making the rent I gotta say!

Every so often, I find myself being part of a great campaign initiated by MTV such as this one - MTV Pride, Love has many faces! An initiative that promotes and celebrates love regardless of gender or race. We've came a long way on this ages long battle for recognition and equality. So let's put on our biggest smiles and show 'em what love means and brings to us!

MTV Pride!

It’s official! #MTVPRIDE is gestart, waar we alleen maar liefde verspreiden <3. Trots op ambassadeurs Kay Nambiar, Frank van der Lende, Digitzz Williams én Martin Garrix! Check voor meer liefde!

Posted by MTV NL on Friday, July 17, 2015
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